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Maple Pecan Pie


Great Grandma Baxter’s Butter Tarts

The first time I made these, I put these in the oven feeling pretty proud of myself!! I told Greg soon he’d be smelling memories of home. When he’d come in after school, he could smell the butter tarts! His mom had already put them in the freezer. She couldn’t pull anything over on him. […]



Happy Birthday Greg!! This pecan butter tart  cheesecake is amazing! It will be made again.. and again… and again!!! PECAN BUTTER TART CHEESECAKE Base: 1 recipe Signature Butter Tart Squares (below), made with 1 cup (100 g) pecan halves or pieces and baked in a well-greased 9-inch (23 cm) round springform pan, at room temperature. […]


Cinnamon Buns & Cream Cheese Frosting

****WARNING**** Don’t make these unless you’re having company… otherwise you’ll feel obligated to eat them all, and you will be as big as a bus!! I think I put too many in the skillet, they rose in a weird way, Greg calls them cinnamon mountain buns. I used a no. 12 Lodge skillet here. Next […]

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