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Crusted Chicken Thighs

So good!! I still don’t think Greg knows he’s eating chicken thighs.. I’ve been disguising them the best I can. He doesn’t ask, I don’t tell. We are a chicken breast family, but thighs are REALLY juicy and if cooked right, they even better I think! This recipe is from Bobby Parrish from! I […]


Beef Pasty & Balsamic Glaze

Very good and just the right size for 2… though it would have feed more should there have been salad and desert! We used a balsamic glaze (from Costco) and it gives a really great, semi sweet taste to go with just the simple salt and pepper for the seasonings. Stewing beef cut up small […]


White Chili

This was super quick and easy to make. I altered the recipe a bit from Taste of Home recipe (see below) by using rositerie chicken purchased the day before. I always come home and take the meat off and refrigerate for a quick dish the next day and here it is! 1 pound boneless skinless […]


Porcupine Meatballs IP

These were so good and reminded me of when my sister and I made these for our parents 25 anniversary. I’m sure these ones were better! I sure make them again. They’d be great to bring to a potluck or any type of gathering. The only thing I did different was I didn’t add the […]


Ginger Beef & Rice with Orange Sauce

I have never made Ginger Beef, and have to say, it’s easy, and fantastic!!! I’ll be making this again, thanks for the recipe, The only thing I did different was I used 1/4 cup soya sauce with 1/4 water.. I didn’t want it too salty (yes I just said that!) and I didn’t have […]


Mississippi Beef IP

We had a busy day!! I was in Lethbridge getting materials, Greg was on the roof doing ‘stuff’, and it was already 6:15 when  ran in the house and literally threw this together. I held my breath.. hoping it would be good, as I set the instant pot to 60 minutes, and off I went […]


Best INDOOR Hamburgers IP

Another recipe from the Pressure Luck Cooking guy!! Wow, he can cook. I trust all his recipes now, seems he’s never let me down! (Well, excluding yesterday when I made the Peppercorn Beef.. my fault though, I didn’t have low sodium Soy Sauce… yes it DOES matter!!) I was sceptical about steaming hamburgers.. well, not […]


Whole Chicken IP

This instant pot cooking just keeps getting better and better. I love it! With all the cast iron I’ve collected, restored and have used for the last 3 years… I have to say, this IP is amazing, it gives great sear, great flavour, done in minutes and clean up is a snap. Tonight I tried […]

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Sweet & Sour Meatballs IP

I wanted to try meatballs in the Instant Pot. I also wanted to use the rest of the orange sauce from yesterday, so this was an experiment that went well! I made meatballs: 1 package lean hamburger 1 egg Handful of parmesan cheese Handful of breadcrumbs Enough milk to make it moist but not wet […]


Orange Chicken IP

This is SO GOOD!! A bit sweet, so next time I’ll cut back on the brown sugar, by half. Otherwise, it’s really perfect with rice. I cubed the chicken… oh and that nasty silver string that is in the tender part, if you grab the end of it, put the fork tong around it and […]


Meat Sauce IP

This meat sauce is fantastic!! (The picture is terrible.) After 10 minutes in the pressure cooker, you would say it simmered all afternoon! The thing I like best, besides the rich taste is there is no mess on the stove, no grease, or tomato splashes. The IP is deep enough, it all stays in the […]


Chicken Pie IP

Want some extreme flavour in  your comfort food?? Try this… I had 2 frozen chicken breasts. I put salt, pepper, greek oregano, garlic powder and onion powder on them. Into the instant pot with one cup of chicken broth, set for 13 minutes, pressure cook, and let sit for 10 minutes after, release the pressure. […]


Lasagna IP

I did FOUR layers in this 3 Quart ‘pot in pot’ method of lasagna. I used package sheet noodles. Next time I’ll try home made and will roll them for something different. For IP lasagna, I think I’d go with more filling and one less layer of the sheets. All in all it was very […]

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Honey Sesame Chicken IP

Food in the Instant Pot just keeps getting better and better. Everything so far has turned out wonderfully! This is no exception. I added a few things, an extra 1/4 cup water, as I though there was supposed to be 1 cup of water or liquid to pressure cook? I might be wrong, but it […]


BBQ Meatloaf IP

This meatloaf is MOIST, flavourful, not compacted at all. Not greasy at all, it’s just fantastic!!! Thanks I didn’t use the bacon, and I halved the recipe because we had one pound of hamburger out, which by the way was perfect for the three of us. No left overs. That’s typically how we roll, […]


Corned Beef Brisket IP

Wow.. how easy is this?? Normally I do a beef brisket in brine, but this one was the packaged corned beef already pickled.. or what ever it is they do. It was a little guy, 380 grams and only an inch thick, so I had to alter the cook time. This worked… 25 minutes pressure […]


Cheese & Garlic Dumplings

How To Make Self-Rising Flour INGREDIENTS 4 cups all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons baking powder 1 teaspoon fine salt FOR THE CHEDDAR HERB DUMPLINGS: 1 ½ cups self-rising flour 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/3 cup shortening 3/4 cup shredded Irish sharp cheddar 2/3 cup milk 2 tablespoons mixed fresh herbs such as parsley, chives, and thyme, chopped 1. Stir together the self-rising flour and garlic powder […]



This is a tasty change from all the Chicken and beef we’ve been having.. did I just actually say that?? It’s from King Author Flour.. though the crust is my standby. I didn’t like how it didn’t flake on the bottom. The recipe said 375 for 10 minutes, to partially back. I think it should […]

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Greek Lemon Potatoes

These potatoes are AMAZING!! The lemon is the star.. along with the Greek oregano.. (it’s truly all the way from Greece, it took forever to get here Amazon, but was worth it!!) Okay, so these potatoes.. we loved them! Grandma was dipping them in her gravy, and was happy I said no thanks to the […]


Roast Beef & Onion Gravy IP

This recipe is from Pressure Luck Cooking. I love his food!! So far everything I’ve tried has been delicious! This roast was donated by my mom!! Thanks Mom! I say I want to try a roast in the instant pot, and boom here’s a roast Lynda! I did his rub, it consists of the following: […]

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