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Bacon & Eggs My Way

It sounds crazy, but I always folded my omelette in half, it never occurred to me to fold it into itself like this!

It’s way easier!

I opt for the easier way if there is one, almost every time.

This is simple and fast, and everything tastes better in Cast Iron. Put whatever you have on hand in it. Green Peppers, Ham, Bacon, Mushrooms, Onions (Sorry I mentioned them Shannyn, you can leave those out.)


3 eggs - beat them up with a whisk.
Bacon - Cooked and crumbled.
Butter for frying
Shredded Cheese of your choice. I use Old Cheddar Grandpa Campbell style!


Turn your stove on to about 3-4. Place your 10" Cast Iron frying pan on it to get hot. Add a tablespoon of butter. Add your egg mixture.
Once the egg is almost done on one side, lift one edge of it and let excess egg run under it into the skillet. Cook some more so there is hardly any egg not cooked. Add Cheese.
Flip the sides over to meet in the middle. Done! Eat!

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