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Chicken Parmesan in Cream Sauce

Homemade pasta and parmesan cream sauce. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This was perfect. Maybe I’ll try a bit of something to spice it up a bit, or maybe lemon juice? Nutmeg? I’m not sure, but we are having it again tomorrow. Why try to think of something else to make out of the chicken we still have marinading in the milk and lemon, and the remaining pasta when this is so good. It’s been decided. Tomorrow it will be a repeat!

The pasta recipe is from an old 80’s Betty Crocker cookbook. Make sure you have 3 hours before you want to eat to make this. The noodles should be done and out drying for 2 hours before cooking. Cook time is 2 minutes in boiling salted water. Strain well and put right into the finished sauce then add back the cooked chicken.

For the chicken, use 1/4 flour and 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, mix. Don’t salt the chicken as there is enough salt in the cheese. Chicken should soak in butter milk, or milk with lemon juice for a few hours. Remove and let drain, then pat the chicken dry with paper towel. Coat with flour/cheese mixture. Heat stainless pan up for a couple minutes, on 2 or 3. (gas range) Add olive oil and butter, add chicken. Set timer for 4 minutes for each side. After 3 minutes on first side, I used a lid to cover the chicken. Flip, used a lid for a minute or two, removed and let finish cooking. (I did filet my chicken breasts before cooking and pounded so they were the same thickness. Best way I’ve found for perfect chicken… ) Remove cooked chicken from pan, cover with tin foil. Deglaze the pan with white wine, get all the brown bits off the bottom of pan, let reduce to half amount of liquid. Add chicken stock, make rue out of flour and butter, add to skillet. This likely should have been done before the stock, but didn’t matter.. let it thicken. I added a bit more broth and some milk. It was not too thick, I added some parmesan cheese then cream. Add chicken back to sauce to coat. Add the noodles to boiling water, set time for 2 minutes. Drain really well. Remove chicken, and add noodles to cream sauce, evenly coat them. Add back chicken. Plate. Garnish with parsley and more cheese? Yes.


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