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Chinese Fried Rice

Dice cooked chicken and let soak in your favourite stir fry or teriyaki sauce.

In your WOK (my new favourite thing.. makes an amazing omelet!!) add a bit of sesame oil, fry thin sliced bits of onion. Crush 3 cloves of garlic (yes Sarah, that is VERY satisfying!) into it, mix around for a few minutes, remove and add cooked (and cooled) rice. It takes a while to fry it, so don’t be in a hurry. Fold the rice over into the middle rather than stirring so you keep the grains separate from each other. Once your happy with the fry, remove and add 4 scrambled eggs. Break up in big chucks, let cook almost all the way through. Add the chicken cubes, add back the onions and garlic. Add back the rice. Mix carefully, folding not stirring. Add as much frozen peas (and carrots) as you like. Once they are heated through add chopped green onion. Serve with sesame seeds over top. I added some soya sauce while cooking.


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