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Great Grandma Baxter’s Butter Tarts

The first time I made these, I put these in the oven feeling pretty proud of myself!! I told Greg soon he’d be smelling memories of home. When he’d come in after school, he could smell the butter tarts! His mom had already put them in the freezer. She couldn’t pull anything over on him. Into the freezer he’d go, and get busy eating them! Well… First of all, the house doesn’t smell like memories from home it smells like burnt raisons that over flowed in the oven because I put too much filling in! I also didn’t need to add bakers joy to the muffin tin, that made for too much oil at the bottom of the crust! Back to the drawing board, but hey, the filling does taste good!! She gave me this recipe when they were here, in 2010?? It was fun to make them with her, I copied this out as she went, so I wouldn’t miss anything. We used the ready made tart shells that day. I should have looked harder.. I have 2 packages in the freezer!!

The second time I made these, huge success! I used ready made tart shells. Take them out of the freezer and separate them while you get everything together for the filling. The only change I did was to add a tiny bit of salt. The butter should be melted and cooled slightly before you add it last. It didn’t take 30 minutes, more like 24 minutes. I used 2 large eggs, 3 would be if they were small eggs.



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