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Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread with Ned

Ned is my starter.. AMAZING!

50 grams starter (I like it using 65 grams of starter)
350 water
500 grams unbleached flour. (I use about 75 grams of multigrain flour and the rest unbleached flour)
1 TSP salt
I take the starter out of the fridge around 9am (loosely covered), at noon I take 50 grams of it, add 50 grams of water mix around to break up the starter, and 50-60 grams of flour. At 4pm I start making the bread. By then the starter has doubled. I take 50 – 65 grams of starter, add the 350 grams of water, mix around to break up the starter, add the flour and salt, mix well it should be fairly thick. (At this point you can add cinnamon, nutmeg and raisons… if you want a change…) Put a shower cap or tea towel over it. Let rest at least on hour. I do not knead the bread. I fold it over on itself in the bowl. The first time, I do it about 25 times, cover and let rest. Do this about four more times (only folding about 10 times each time) until around 9:30 pm. You can leave it on the counter overnight, covered, but it’s getting pretty cold her, so I use a proofing box now, set at 75 degrees. In the morning, I fold it gently over on itself again making it into a loaf shape. This is not going to be super firm. Transfer it from the bowl to the basket you’ll be using for the bread shape. (seam side up)I use a loaf pan with a cloth that is well floured with rice flour. Put in fridge, until noon. Transfer to preheated vessel, a large cast iron dutch oven, or roasting pan or clay baker. I use 450 as the temperature for approximately 50 minutes. After 30 minutes I turn the temperature down to 400, last 15 minutes I uncover it. I use an instant thermometer and make sure it’s around 204 degrees. It’s typically cooked before the full 50 minutes is up. Remove from vessel right way, cool on baking rack for about 1.5 hours before slicing. This bread is stored in a plastic bag, and the crust is perfect for eating. It’s not hard on the bottom which is what I am going for.


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