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Oatmeal Pie ~ Bountiful Breakfast ~ YUM

Yes, you heard correct!!! Unbelievably good, and I deem to to be breakfast food because, well… it’s oatmeal in it after all!

I added an extra egg, because my egg carton SAID they were large but they looked pretty tiny to me! I also added a small handful of raisons to the recipe because when I think of oatmeal I automatically think of raisons too. They were a great addition.We think it turned out perfect.. after all, it’s just after breakfast and we have less than half a pie left!  A slight taste of ground cloves really sends this pie over the top!! Add some ice cream, like we will do later, and I’m sure the pie will be totally gone.. which is good. I’ll be able to bake a new one tomorrow!

ps.. Try to find oats that are not fast cooking, instantaneous kind!! You need to find ‘old fashioned’ oats. The only one I found was Quaker Oats that took a longer time to cook than all the others. Boy we sure live in a world of instant everything!!


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